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SE Connect: Focusing Consumer Attention

SE Connect provides opportunities for stronger brand engagement through an innovative approach to customer acquisition and loyalty. We work with businesses across travel, leisure and entertainment sectors to develop rewards packages and sponsored vouchers for consumers to achieve better retention and stronger opportunities for profit. Our approach helps our clients bring more customers through the door, while developing more profitable repeat business opportunities.

SE Connect works closely with our partners on brand development, to foster stronger relationships with consumers in specific geographic areas. Our promotions and customer acquisition strategies allow clients to target a specified demographic. Unlike a generic approach, our campaigns can be tailored to drive the leads you want on the scale you need. This allows businesses, both new and growing, to benefit from the flexible campaigns they need to fuel expansion.

SE Connect on Advancing in the Game of Life

SE Connect believes in tackling challenges in life as aggressively as you would in a video game. While winning and losing isn’t always as clear-cut in life as in video games, you can certainly gain experience points much like you would...

SE Connect on Avoiding Distractions

SE Connect recognizes the fact that distractions creep up on you whether you work in a home office or a traditional workspace. While a few minutes here and there don’t seem like a lot, the time adds up quickly and can take a financial...

SE Connect Offers Three Ways to Make Conferences More Valuable

At SE Connect, we see conferences as great opportunities to meet other industry leaders and learn important new skills. There is a lot of information available at these events, and sometimes the speakers are worth the trip alone....

SE Connect Explores How Changing Your Own Mind Can Lead to Success

SE Connect is a company that has been built on success. We continue to find new and innovative ways to raise the bar in the promotional events industry. However, even we were impressed by recent studies done by neuroscientists:...

PRESS RELEASE: SE Connect Highlights Rising Team Members at National Conference

ATLANTA, GA – SE Connect continues to establish itself as a leader in the promotional events industry by sending two of its top performers, Kevin and Wes, to a national leadership conference in Dallas. When discussing his rapid...

SE Connect Builds Team Rapport with Social Events

SE Connect is committed to ensuring we provide an energizing atmosphere that allows our team members to thrive as professionals. Our director of operations, Brad, has always made this a priority, explaining that there are many reasons...